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Brandon is a IT Professional with a broad background in web development, hosting infrastructure, automation and DevOps. He loves learning and adding new tools to his skillset; tinkering with technology new and old to gain new experiences. He maintains a career as a senior level engineer at a large bank/brokerage, where he consults with other developers to automate and build their environments.

Outside of work, he’s a proud Dad of two kids. He enjoys keeping up with the yard, fixing things, wrenching on his trucks and off-road toys! He also enjoy playing PC games, automating things around the home or just relaxing in the pool.

Technologies I primarily use:

  • .Net Core (C#) | Full Stack development
  • Xamarin | Cross Platform Mobile Development
  • React/Angular | Client-side Web Development
  • .NET Blazor | WASM Cloud Edge Computing

Want to “hire” Brandon Tillman?:

I do freelance development work through my company, MorphStack – feel free to contact me through either site for initial conversations. Thank you!

This is a personal blog, the opinions expressed here represent my own, and not those of my employers.